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Fungal is a high intensity third person shooter inspired by Max Payne 3.

I worked on rendering, animation blending, visual scripting tools and engine tools. To make the artist assets pop I improved our PBR rendering, and worked closely with our technical artists and animators to implement visual effects and fluid animations.


Main Responsibilites

Blend space Animations

For Fungal I worked with our animators to make two dimensional blend space animations. The system was used for our player character which made animations fluid and were used for aim offsets.

Read more about the blendspaces in fungal here!


Physically based rendering

Going from the stylized Spite: Absolution to the more realistic Fungal, our project requirements for graphical fidelity changed alot. With a bigger focus on realism in fungal I read up on BRDF, and implementations in engines such as Unreal Engine 4.


Visual Scripting


To let our level designers implement scripted events throughout the game I implemented a Visual Scripting tool for our engine, based on a previous course at TGA. The tool is built on imgui, with the imgui node library. 

The implementation is connected to ENTT with a visual script component, letting us keep our data driven workflow established in Spite: Absolution.

Model Viewer


For the project I developed a model viewer which was intended to help all disciplines evaluate their assets. The viewer had support for multiple types of assets, including models, animations and VFX.

The viewer was made to be used efficiently using drag and drop to allow anybody to intuitively evaluate their assets.


Integrated Animation Editor


I added an animation controller editor to the model viewer, allowing programmers and animators to create controllers with links and transitions visually. This helped in quickly creating nice blended animation transitions for the game.

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